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The only blue light blocking glasses that give you around the clock protection from artificial blue light, with the worlds first 4-in-1 design.

No more need for multiple pairs


Maximising your melatonin release from sunset by wearing Barkleys with DUSK or DELTA clip on, is one of the most effective ways to ensure artificial light from your environment doesn't interfere with this natural process and ensures your circadian alignment.


Timeless unisex frame designs and colours to suit various face shapes and built of premium acetate (NOT plastic) to stand the test of time. Additionally, the matte black clip-ons contain the latest blue light blocking tint technology.


Preferred choice of Health & wellness professionals

Having tried other blue blockers in the past, I found it difficult to get into the habit of wearing them as they felt cheap and uncomfortable. This all changed when I got myself a pair of Barkleys. The premium look and feel of the glasses is noticeable as soon as you put them on. Why choose between practicality and aesthetics when you can have both?

Torque Movement

Brian Tran

I love Barkley blue blockers for their truly unique, versatile and easy to change multiple lenses and levels of blocking strength combined with their stylish design. I have had other blue blocking glasses over the years but found myself not wearing them much as they were not comfortable, the lenses were too dark for computer use during the day and they scratched easily. Barkley blue blockers tick all the right boxes and I have noticed an improvement in my sleep as well as a significant reduction in eyestrain and fatigue whilst wearing them when at my computer during the day and night.

I highly recommend Barkley eyewear for protecting the health of your eyes from all forms of artificial light throughout the day and to help safeguard your sleep.

Thank you Dayne for creating a fantastic product!

Marieke Rodenstein

I was on the hunt for a pair of blue blockers that not only looked stylish, but also had strong blue blocking potential. The adjustable lenses make them extremely versatile for any time of the day.

Ergogenic Health

Lucas Aoun

I’ve been searching so long for blue blockers that really work for me - at work, at home and in everyday.  The Barkley’s fit so well, help me get through our long days in front of the computer, and ensure a good nights sleep - rather than feeling wired and tired.  Can't more highly recommend these glasses, and the Barkley team who are so dedicated to provide such an amazing product

Merge Health

Kate McCandless

It saves me bringing multiple pairs around. I've been getting a lot of compliments on the design of them and how well they suit me :)

Stefan Filippo Health

Stefan Filippo

Barkleys are beautifully designed and high quality. They are the only Blue blocking glasses with interchangeable coloured lenses allowing the convenience to best suit your lifestyle. If you’re after quality, and value your longterm health, check them out!

5th Element Wellness

Matthew Hoo